Faith Cathedral (formerly Today’s Faith Church) was started and organized in June 1975 by Evangelist Ethel M. Talbert-Spearman under Faith Bible Church, Inc.  The late Bishop Lewis T. Tait, Sr. was the presiding Bishop and the late Elder William G. Talbert, Sr. was Overseer. Its first service was held in a rented storefront building on Rutherford Road in Greenville, SC. The total membership at that time was 2 adults Ethel M. Talbert-Spearman, Charlie W. Spearman, 1 teenager Jenette Talbert-Cureton, 3 children Charmaine Spearman-Dixon, Isaac J. Spearman and Janet Spearman Henderson



After 8 months at the Rutherford Road site, the church moved to another storefront building at 404 Green Avenue in Greenville, SC.  In June 1978, Faith Cathedral moved to its first sanctuary at 11 Iola and Marion Streets in Greenville, SC. The church membership and ministry continued to grow while at Iola and Marion Streets. In 1983, we obtained a house for our love ministry on Guess Street in Greenville, SC.  This segment of the ministry provided hot meals, as well as food and clothing to the needy in the community.  However, the Love Ministry office building had to be given up because of zoning conflicts in the community.  But, the love ministry work continued.  In 1984, the contract was signed for the purchase of the new church facilities at 200 Morris Street in Greenville, SC.  Then in June 1985, the church moved to that location, which included the church with classroom facilities, a gymnasium which was named in the memory of the Pastor’s mother, the Late Mother Fannie M. Talbert, an outreach center for distribution of clothing and food.  Later, another corner lot was purchased with a house.  This gave the church 5 corner lots of property.   


 In 1989, Faith Cathedral began its independent church ministry, the Look Up and Live Ministries.  The two presiding Bishops for the ceremony were the Late Bishop Lewis T. Tait, Sr., Faith Bible Church, Washington, DC and the Late Bishop Frizelle Yelverton, Sr., Mt Calvary Church, Durham, NC.  The late Bishop William G. Talbert, Sr., was unable to participate because of his illness, but he was present.  Bishop William G. Talbert, Sr. passed in 1990.

Pastor Spearman was ordained as Overseer and Bishop of her own ministry and works. This will be the 34th year that the Look Up and Live Ministries be celebrating its Homecoming Convocation.  The first church in the Look Up and Live Ministries Association was Holy Redeemer Faith Church in 1990 after the death of Bishop William G. Talbert, Sr. (Founder and Pastor of Holy Redeemer).


 In 1991, Faith Cathedral purchased land on Highway 25 South (Augusta Road) for its new church facilities.  Shortly afterward, Bishop started her Television Ministry.  In 1997, we relocated our church business office to 105 Cartee Avenue in Greenville, SC to house our staff and our weekly chapel services.  In 1998, our property on Iola and Marion Streets were sold.  This building had previously used by several churches for crusade work and church services.  On April 30, 1998, the closing for the construction of the new church facilities were completed.  We sold our church facilities on 200 Morris Street and named the Chapel in the memory of the late Mother Henrietta Manigault at 105 Cartee Avenue location.  It was always our plan to change the name of the church after moving into our new facilities.  In 1999, thename was officially changed to Faith Cathedral.  In 2003, we thank God for the Front Land Project.


The church operates many ministries.  It is a shelter for many that were lost, but now they are found.  The Lord is working wonders.  For Thine is the Kingdom and the Power, and the Glory.